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Upcycle challenge VOID studios 5/14/2022

I could write a ranting piece about the show this past Friday at Void studios, but I’m weakened with family goings on and frankly frustrated that even though each stylist got a budget to put looks together for this show…..and that is quite unusual, the show felt like amateur hour (hours and hours). The seating was well appointed enough, but the space size relegated itself to photo studio (which it is), and possibly presentation style shows, but the runway was short. The start was late and the intermission filled with guests goading attending photographers to prolong intermission to

snap obligatory photos on the studio’s runway. Complaints of show fatigue punctuated conversations as the sweltering body heat waved across the room. Billed as a challenge, some stylist chose to try their hand designing pieces while others honed a more branded attempt. I’m not sure if the challenge was to do it for $150, to ‘win’ the night (?), make a sale (?), show off styling abilities, but it’s unclear what was challenged.

I really could have reduced all that personal uncomfort to: Marginal was best, though not provoking, the brand’s aesthetic was recognizable in the show.

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